Supply chain

Wind power opportunities

With legislation in place and at least three different developers entering the offshore wind market - there is a real opportunity to create economies of scale around offshore wind and reap the economic benefits of a new supply chain.

As seen in Europe, the creation of a viable supply chain for offshore wind can create jobs and serve as an engine for economic growth.


Denmark's "first mover" status resulted in Siemens Wind Power constructing the world's largest wind turbine research and related production facility in Brande, Denmark, along with also establishing wind turbine blade production facilities in Aalborg and Engesvang, providing jobs for a total of more than 5,200 people. Numerous industrial and service businesses have also been established in Denmark to serve the offshore wind industry.


Already, there are the seeds of economic development in Massachusetts. In 2016, the New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal--the first facility in the nation designed to support offshore wind projects—supported the mobilization of the research vessel, The RV Ocean Researcher.

Delivers & sustains jobs

In addition to port developments, a supply chain includes manufacturing facilities which bring jobs and economic benefits to the area in which they operate.

Bay State Wind is committed to working actively and constructively with local businesses to accelerate growth. Collaboration with the Commonwealth's elected officials and community groups is helping to build the necessary supply chain for the rapid growth of the wind power industry.

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