Disclaimer and privacy policy

1. Privacy policy

When we receive personal data about you, we aim to ensure that you trust we will process your personal data in a transparent and secure manner. Thus, it is important to us that you take the time to read this privacy policy, which will inform you of how we handle your personal data.

This privacy policy applies to www.orsted.co.uk. The purpose of this privacy policy is to describe how Ørsted collects and processes your personal data when you visit our website.

In addition to this privacy policy, our cookie policy also applies. Click the link to read more about cookies and the use of these data.

2. Datacontroller

The legal entity responsible for collecting and processing your data at www.orsted.co.uk. is:

  • Orsted (UK) Limited
    Company reg. no.: 06730824
    5 Howick Place
    SW1P 1WG
    +44 (0) 20 7811 5200

3. We use personal data for the following purposes and in accordance with the above-mentioned lawfulness of processing

At Ørsted, we collect only necessary data about you. In the table below, we describe how we process your personal data. We recommend that you do not send or inform us of any sensitive information when you use our website and its features.